Urgent: Immediate Action Needed – Help Defeat Legislation that Will Close Our Schools


At this late stage of budget negotiations when all parties are looking to provide relief to their school districts, a last minute state budget-related attack has been launched against Pennsylvania’s charter school sector that could result in tens-of-thousands of students losing the opportunity to obtain a high-quality education in a safe environment and deny parents their right to make educational choices that are in the best interest of their children.


Rep. Bernie O’Neill (R-Bucks) on Monday introduced Amendment Number A05410 to House Bill 530 Printer’s Number 2658 that would collapse most, if not all, brick-and-mortar charter schools across the state. If Rep. O’Neill is successful in getting his amendment passed, it would significantly reduce (by 50 percent or more) the amount of tuition brick-and-mortar charter schools receive for each special education student.


The Keystone Alliance urges all charter schools, their students, parents and supporters to IMMEDIATELY contact their House and Senate lawmakers to block this legislation.


To find who represents you in the House and Senate as well as their contact information, visit the General Assembly’s “Find Your Legislator” webpage and enter your address or zip code.


It is critically important for ALL charter schools and their supporters to contact their members of the General Assembly to help us be successful.


Thank you,


Sandra E. Figueroa-Torres