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I am Lincoln...This is My Story

    My name is Graciela, and this is my story. I am currently sixteen years old living in Allentown, PA. I will be turning 17 on the 9th of June. 


    I was born in Connecticut, but I have lived in Allentown virtually my entire life. My grandparents came to America from Puerto Rico. My mother grew up in a Pentecostal Church, and moved all over the East Coast before finally settling in Allentown. My father tells me that before I was born, he made many mistakes that kept him from graduating on time. My dad is very smart, but made poor decisions.  His bad decisions eventually led him to find God and he cleaned up his life. His good decisions since have had a profound effect on my own life.  He went to college and became the person that he wanted to be.


    Lincoln opened in 2009, and I was in attendance the day it opened. Now, as a Junior, I have accumulated 15 

dual-enrollment college credits, and will have even more before I graduate. My brother has as many college credits as I do, and he is only a sophomore. Because of the opportunity that my brother and I received at Lincoln, we have paved the way for our little sister in Kindergarten. Lincoln was created to give us all a mighty purpose. At Lincoln, I have met some of the greatest people I have ever known- my family.

    My name is Xavier L., and this is my story. I am a student at Lincoln Leadership Academy Charter School. I was born on June 13, 1998, in Allentown, Pennsylvania. My mother is from Brooklyn and my father is from the Dominican Republic. 


    My mom moved to Allentown when she was twelve years old and my dad moved here when he was seventeen. My father left us when I was three years old and I have lived with my mother my whole life. My mother and my older cousins have been my father figures and have helped me when I am in trouble. Living without my father has not made life difficult for me. Instead, it has made me want to work harder so that I can become someone for my parents that they did not have a chance to become. 


    The reason why I think Lincoln Leadership was created is because it is for students who want or need a second chance to have a better future. Life at Lincoln is very different from what I hear about other schools. In my previous school, I had teachers that did not really care about me or other students. They only cared about the paychecks that they were getting.  The teachers in Lincoln are way nicer and want the students to be successful and have a better future. Lincoln gives me a better opportunity at expressing who I really am.

I would not express myself the way that I do at Lincoln in any other school.

    My name is Toni-Ann, and this is my story. My parents are from Kingston, Jamaica, and I was born in Allentown, PA. I have a very supportive family who are always there for me, and my parents are always striving for my best interest. 


    My parents have been divorced since I was two years old, which has been difficult. I always felt that I was in the middle of things, and I could not do things with both of my parents like other kids could. I have learned that even though it can be difficult at times, I am grateful for the fact that I still have both parents and they care about me. I was born prematurely and weighed 2 pounds; the doctors told my parents I was not going to survive. I have learned that if I can pull through almost dying, I am capable of doing anything I set my mind to. 


    Education is very important to me. I have been at Lincoln since it first opened, and I am very grateful that my parents chose this school. Lincoln was created for students that feel like they have no opportunities. Life at Lincoln is very rewarding. The staff and teachers show a lot of compassion, and treat us the way every human being should be treated- with respect and dignity. Lincoln has provided me with many opportunities, like taking college courses in high school. Soon I will have 12 credits! Lincoln is a very powerful school and I am grateful that I came to Lincoln.  

    My name is Elijah, (but everyone calls me Eli for short), and this is my story. I was born and raised in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Most of my family was also born and raised in Allentown as well. I am 17 years old and I plan to go away to college to see what life has to offer because I have been living here for so long. 


    I am a student at Lincoln Leadership Academy Charter School. I am in the 11th grade and the starting shooting guard for our varsity basketball team. I practice every day and make sure that all my grades are up

to par because I want to be able to compete at the highest level possible. 


    I attended public school for 5 years before coming to Lincoln, and when I came to Lincoln I realized that there was a huge difference. Life at public schools versus life at Lincoln is the complete opposite. Everything is different from the principal to the staff, everybody shows you attention and care, whereas, teachers and staff at other public schools do not. 


    I feel like Lincoln was not only created for students who live in poverty, tribulations, and in need of an education, but it was created to give students an opportunity; an opportunity that will give students who experience heartache all the time a chance. Life at Lincoln is truly a blessing. The teachers and staff work to their best of ability to make sure that students feel like that they could accomplish anything, if they work hard for it.  



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