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Enrollment Process 

Interested students/parents fill out an initial inquiry form for admission to Lincoln Leadership Academy. This may be filed online or in person. The inquiry form will not request information relative to race, parents’ place of employment, social security number, academic, discipline or special needs. Any information given to the office in addition to the information request will not be accepted by the office at this point. If there are seats open and the initial process is completed, the student becomes eligible to become a student at Lincoln Leadership Academy. An enrollment packet must be completed and submitted only when the student is accepted. A full and complete enrollment package must be received before a student who is accepted can attend Lincoln Leadership Academy.


As part of the enrollment process students and parents are required to attend orientation meetings and meet with the CEO and other staff. Only inquiry forms will be received outside of the open enrollment period. The information from inquiry forms will be added to our database of inquiries. Those interested parties will be advised of the next open enrollment period and encouraged to return at that time and inquire again. Fill Out Inquiry form below.   

Lincoln Leadership Academy Charter School PAETEP Portal 

"click here"


This form must be filled our for any students who will be taking the bus. If you have moved, please fill out another form with your new address.This form must be updated every year”

“Any planned absences during the school year must be approved. Please fill out this form and turn it into the office one week prior to leaving.”

Lunch Application

Lunch applications must be updated every year and also if your income changes. Please print out this form and fill it in completely. Incomplete forms cannot be processed. Return completed forms to the office.”


Dear Parents:



If you do not complete a lunch application as soon as possible, your child’s lunch status will be considered as a “FULL PAY” until your application is completed. You will be required to pay for the breakfast and lunch until we receive the application. 


The link for the application is:, please read the questions carefully and log in. 


Once you log in, please follow these steps:


1. Register first: As the adult, you must answer the questions on the application.

2. Create a username and password and keep it for your records.

3. If you do not have access to a computer, you may come to the school and fill out the application, or go to the public library.


If you do not want to participate in the lunch program, please contact: Ms. Thomas, our  School Lunch Coordinator. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact her at:, or 484 860 3300.




Part One

Part Two


Lunch Menu


Bus Permission Forms - Away Games
Nurses Corner
Health Consent Forms
Healthstar II Cover Letter (English)
Healthstar II Cover Letter (Spanish)
Head Lice Policy
Instructions and Policy for Snack and Birthday Treats
Sight for Students




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