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NOTICE: Lincoln Leadership Academy Charter School is a free public school.  Open Enrollment Forms Are Now Being Accepted for the 2021-2022 School Year.

Open Enrollment is open to ALL K-12 students from ALL SCHOOL DISTRICTS.  As a reminder, an Open Enrollment for is an APPLICATION form. Please note that we may not have open seats for all grades.

Your child may be placed in a random lottery if more students apply for the seats that we have available. 

The Admissions Process:  

This window is open to all K-12 students from all School Districts.  As a reminder, the Open Enrollment Form is an application. Your child may be placed in a random lottery if we have more applicants than seats available. Please note that we may not have open seats in all grades.

This is your opportunity. Once the window is closed, it may not reopen until next the 2022-2023 School Year. Please continue to visit our website to look for new opportunities. 

As necessary, New opportunities  will open for children for specific grades in the Allentown School District, or other Districts.  Allentown students will be selected first according to the number of openings available for Allentown students.  

Lincoln’s Admissions Process, State Law and the Lottery:

​We follow the Pennsylvania Charter School law; if more students apply for seats that are available, all Charter Schools are required to use a random lottery system to select new incoming students. Lincoln uses a random software digital online program to make the selections.  Once a child’s name is selected in the lottery, the parent will be notified.

​Example: 20 students may apply for 10 open seats for an open grade.  Each student is assigned a random number. The numbers are selected randomly by a digital (computerized) lottery. The first numbers (children) selected will be offered a seat. The remaining 10 children will be placed on a waiting list in the order of selection.  If a selected student moves away or does not want to attend, then the next student on the waiting list is moved up, and the parent is called.

Admissions Preferences:

PA. Charter School law grants siblings (brothers and sisters), and children of parents who helped to establish a charter school, an “Admissions Preference.” Let’s go back to the above example. If 10 seats open up and 20 children apply, a child who already has a sibling at Lincoln, or the child of a parent who helped to open Lincoln, will get selected first, and the remaining children will then go into the Lottery.      

​Definition of a Sibling:

Lincoln defines a “sibling” as a biological, foster, or adopted child of the parent who already has a child or children at Lincoln. Before a student is actually admitted, the parent will be required to submit original documents; birth certificate, adoption papers signed by the court, and/or proof from a court that a sibling is a foster child.  This makes it a fair process for everyone.


Lincoln reserves the right to deny admission to any parent who cannot prove that the child in question is a “sibling.” Any child who happens to be residing with a Lincoln family will not be considered for admission if the parent cannot prove that the child is a “sibling.” The parent shall have 3 days from the date of notification that the child was selected in the lottery to provide the necessary documents.  

Students From Other School Districts:  


Once Allentown seats are full, and/or there is space available for more students, seats will be opened for out-of-District students.  If there are more applicants for the available slots, a separate pool will be opened for those students and the same lottery process would follow. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FQAs)

1.     Can Student/Athletes Apply to Lincoln?  Yes. Student/Athletes may apply to Lincoln like any other regular or special education student.  Once they are accepted, all of the PIAA transfer and playing rules will apply to the student.  


2.    Does Lincoln RECRUIT student/athletes?  NO.  According to Charter School Law, Charter Schools are NOT allowed to RECRUIT student/athletes. However, Lincoln students are free to promote Lincoln to their  friends. 

3.  If a student/athlete is accepted at Lincoln, Lincoln Leadership and the student/athlete is then required to    meet all of the PIAA Transfer deadlines.  Lincoln will not accept a student/athlete after a transfer deadline passes.


4.  Parents are NOT permitted to contact Lincoln coaches or other staff members about “getting their children    

in.”  The CEO is the only person who has the authority to accept a child at Lincoln. 


​5.  Why would any parent want send their child to Lincoln? Because we have the best dual Enrollment College program in the Lehigh Valley (see website for College Dual Enrollment).  


​6.  Lincoln started offering college classes in 2012.  In total, 18 Lincoln students have graduated with an Associate of Arts (2-year) college degree.  Over 75% of our High School students earned from 3-64 college credits last year. 


7.  Lincoln has a 100% graduation rate and college Enrollment rate. No other school district can make this claim.

Lincoln Leadership Academy Charter School is in the top 5 percentile of all Charter Schools in the United States (US NEWS and World Report), and ranked as one of America’s top high schools in the United States (US NEWS AND WORLD REPORT, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020).  

If you want to become more successful and learn about how to become a leader, welcome to Lincoln Leadership Academy Charter School!   

Want A Tour?  Email: Tours will be arranged by the Office of Academic Affairs. 

Become part of a school that is committed to providing a holistic learning community that is dedicated to the total success of each student.
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